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Improved visitor behavior 


Enhance visitor experience in prominent national parks by collaborating with NPS on permit regulations, search and rescue efforts (SAR), and Leave No Trace initiatives. 


  • 1,636 reviews were removed in 10 months from users attempting to trade permits
  • 62% decrease in SAR incidents since 2021 after conducting audits at Olympic National Park
  • 244% rise in membership signups for Western National Park Association’s Fall campaign 

“Possibly the biggest factor we have noticed is more well-informed visitors... by adding alerts to specific trails, it immediately informs visitors to a closure so that they can look somewhere else for a hike.”

Amos A., Olympic National Park Park Guide


With over 27 million annual visitors and over 1,024 routes on AllTrails, the National Parks Service trails are AllTrails’ most popular searches when users plan their outdoor adventures.


With the rising number of visitors to national, state, and local lands and increased availability of information, 3rd party apps are responsible for supporting the safety, preservation, and improvement of the visitor experience. 

AllTrails is leading the way to help land managers better communicate and educate the public. 


AllTrails engaged in constructive conversations with rangers at Zion, Olympic, Acadia, Joshua Tree, and Great Smoky Mountain National Parks, as well as non-profits like the Western National Parks Association, to learn about the parks' pain points.


  • Addressed issues at Zion National Park, preventing conflicts arising from users attempting to trade permits for Angel’s Landing. AllTrails removed 1,636 reviews in just 10 months through content moderation and isolating permit-related comments
  • Conducted audits and updates to routes, alerts, and trail descriptions at Olympic National Park, resulting in a remarkable 62% decrease in SAR incidents since 2021
  • Amplified brand awareness for the Western National Parks Association by offering an AllTrails+ 3-month membership trial, contributing to a 25% increase in in-store revenue and a 244% rise in membership signups during their Fall Protector campaign 

These collaborations underscore the positive impact of AllTrails’ proactive engagement in addressing critical issues, improving safety, and promoting non-profit partners and their missions.

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