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244% boost to fundraising revenue and reach


Take the Western National Park Association's Fall Park Protector campaign to the next level by tapping into (a) the brand power of AllTrails and (b) the value of an AllTrails+ membership. 


  • 244% more Park Protector signups than the previous year's campaign
  • 25% YoY increase in gift shop sales
  • 34% revenue boost across 8 stores using geo-targeted ads 
  • 1M+ impressions to WNPA’s social channels during the promotion 

“It’s only natural that the fall season, with its vibrant colors and cooler weather, inspires people to get outdoors and experience a national park. By partnering with AllTrails, we were able to build on that energy on a whole new level.”

Michael Matthews, WNPA Chief Marketing Officer 


Founded in 1938, the Western National Parks Association (WNPA) is a non-profit organization that supports over 70 parks nationwide. In partnership with the National Parks Service, WNPA "advances education, interpretation, research, and community engagement to ensure national parks are increasingly valued by all.”

  • Over $135 million in support to the National Parks Service each year
  • 70+ gift shops across National Parks in the Western United States 
  • 700+ routes on AllTrails throughout the 70+ parks


Twice yearly, WNPA runs a 2-week fundraising and awareness campaign with paid and organic media to encourage visitors to purchase something in one of their 70+ parks stores (in person or online) and/or become a member. 

In partnering with AllTrails, WNPA aimed to elevate the impact of this campaign during the two-week promotional period.


  • Co-branded assets for digital ads and in-store signage
  • AllTrails+ membership giveaways
  • AllTrails expertise in creative development utilizing house-tested strategies to increase both engagement and conversion
  • Media buy and geotargeted ads to expand WNPA's digital footprint


Through paid and organic social on WNPA’s Facebook and Instagram that included the AllTrails name and promotion details, this partnership created a billboard effect for their campaign.

  • Created 1 million impressions across social media for AllTrails and WNPA 
  • Increased sales in the gift shop by 25% YoY, during the two-weeks of the campaign
  • A 244% increase in WNPA Park Protector signups compared to last year's period
  • Across the 8 store locations that were selected for geotargeted ads, a 34% boost to in-store revenue compared to stores where this strategy was not employed

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